Cupids Glow Bundle


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We are head over heels for this match made in heaven pairing, featuring the new Best Blend Forever brush and Goldie Illuminator. 

Cupid’s Glow Bundle 

If your new powder illuminators have seemed a little lonely, we’ve got the answer with our new built-in bestie!  The BBF features a small and dense brush on one side, perfect for seamlessly applying and blending highlight on areas of your face you want to brighten, like under the eyes, between the brows, down the bridge of the nose, and on the chin. The other end features a wispy, tapered brush that is specially designed to apply a soft and natural kiss of illuminator. Cue Goldie! Ready for some presto magic? Everything you touch will turn to gold when you sport this perfectly gilded powder illuminator. 

Cupid’s arrow is sure to find you on Love Day with this sweet and irresistible bundle. 

Love is in the air, gorgeous! And it’s headed your way.